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About Us

Content Provider and Information Guide:

stufftodoâ„¢ – Without a doubt, The leading source of information pertaining to the Western Cape and surrounds.
We are your most comprehensive ‘What to do’ and ‘Where to do it’ guide.

About us:

stufftodo is a marketing and advertising services company focused on promoting the Cape social, leisure, entertainment and hospitality consumer industries.

stufftodo.co.za provides, free to the public, the most useful information on what to do, where to go and who to contact.

More importantly, our aim is to give your business excellent exposure and increase consumer awareness of your company, brand or product.

stufftodo understands the potential of the Internet as a marketing arena. We make use of proven marketing strategies and consistent market research to ensure your, and in return our own, success. Online advertising is the latest marketing development in the business world and the prospects of online advertising never looked better than now. This is the age of Internet and online advertising is the name of the game. stufftodo has created this web site genuinely tailored for your ideal target market, thus giving your business a winning edge.

The key to offering a successful listing service or directory is to:

  • ensure constant web site traffic
  • guide the site visitor to the information they require from our clients
  • be fanatical about the quality and relevance of the information provided
  • utilizing proven marketing techniques to create and sustain consumer awareness

We accomplish this by presenting the visitor with lists of premeditated “moods or scenarios” and specific categories to search. This eliminates the information overload of an average web site search. Your business is directly exposed to literally thousands of consumers. We have the statistics to prove this! Every day more people look to the Internet as their primary source of information. It is far more cost effective than traditional methods of advertising. Dynamic online advertising offers the benefit of a great deal more information about your business than what can be presented in newspapers, billboards, flyers, etc. With the Western Cape tourism industry booming and the traffic your business will receive every month on www.stufftodo.co.za, you cannot deny the importance of a solid online advertising strategy.

So why not let www.stufftodo.co.za boost your business and make your Internet presence work for you!

How does it work?
Simple, you subscribe to stufftodo, and we enlist your business on the stufftodo web site. You are given a password to be able to edit your own listing information should you so require.
What are the business benefits
to being listed on stufftodo?
Exposure – You gain immediate national and
international exposure by having a listing.

Providing Information to your customers – Every day more and
more people look to the Internet as a source
of information. A listing on the site provides the
public with more info than your typical newspaper,
flyer, magazine ad and it is just so easy to access!

Cost Effective – The Internet is a rapidly growing
advertising medium. It is more cost effective than traditional methods of advertising.

Added Marketing – Many industries [tourism, leisure,
accommodation etc.] look to the internet for local
information for their customers. This directly
promotes your business if you have web presence.
No traditional advertising offers this benefit.

Effective Results – The stufftodo listing allows

multiple and unique ways for the consumer
to easily navigate to your business listing. We
accomplish this by a number of methods: one of the
most popular is the interactive lists of
predetermined moods or scenarios’ that they are in.
This eliminates the ‘overload’ of information that
the average web search delivers to the user, and
provides them with info tailored for them.

Professionalism – Online advertising is the latest
craze in the business world and the prospects of

online advertising never looked better than now.
By creating a web presence tailored for your ideal
target market, www.stufftodo.co.za gives you the
winning edge in today’s stiff competition.

What does this listing consist of?
The listing consists of a page on the stufftodo
web site completely dedicated to your business.

This Contains:

  • Your company name and logo
  • Your contact details and contact people, including email
    and website address
  • A write-up, review or description of your business
  • Photographs and pictures of your business or product
  • Address, directions and a location map
  • Atmosphere/mood/scenario/setting
  • Facilities and services available
  • Payment methods available
  • Upcoming events
  • Contains customer feedback and ratings

We will do it all for you, including taking photos, write up,
design of your PAGE etc.

How do people find my listing on stufftodo?
stufftodo.co.za offers uniquely designed, multiple search methods that direct the user to your business listing.

  • Mood Search
  • Search by location or area
  • Keyword Search
  • Featured listings displayed all day
  • A top ten list
  • A newly added list link on the homepage
  • Via external search engines
  • Banners
How do we market your listing?
Our marketing strategies include:

  • Direct marketing
  • Tourist info outlets
  • Tourist accommodation
  • Pamphlet and flyer drops
  • Enlisting on major search engines
  • Outdoor advertising
  • Press and media
  • Associate company affiliations
  • Event sponsoring
What does it cost to be listed?
We have tailor made packages and advertising bundles available to maximise your exposure through this site, guarenteeing potential customers eyes on your company,product or service. Please contact us to discuss your options and required results.
But I already have a web site?
Our service will compliment your existing website and marketing material as we refer
new visitors to your existing website through your advertisement with us.

Now go Get UN-Bored!

Should you find any information on this web site offensive, inappropriate, illegitimate, or if you would like us to remove any information on this web site please mail us at [enquiry@stufftodo.co.za]


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