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Surfing in Bloubergstrand

Surfing in Bloubergstrand   Some info: Works in North or South Easterly winds, good spot for learning. Water is generally cold. Wetsuit recommended. Rent . . . → Read More Here: Surfing in Bloubergstrand


Beach Volleyball

Beach Volleyball   Some info: You know what its all about, get a lightweight volleyball, and bounce it from side to side over a . . . → Read More Here: Beach Volleyball


Beach touch rugby

Beach touch rugby   Some info: Get a ball (a few cold ones) and a few buds, hit the beach and slap on the . . . → Read More Here: Beach touch rugby



Blougbergstrand   Some info: Nice beach for long walks, good for surfing, water can get a bit cold at times, great beach to see . . . → Read More Here: Blougbergstrand


Kite Flying

Kite Flying   Some info: Noordhoek and Fish Hoek beaches are probably the most popular kite flying sites, but other excellent beaches include Table . . . → Read More Here: Kite Flying


Suntrax Surf and Sail

Suntrax Surf and Sail Some info: Kite boarding can be pretty dangerous, so get all the info you can before you get started, these . . . → Read More Here: Suntrax Surf and Sail