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Atlantic Beach Golf Club

Atlantic Beach Golf Club   Some info: FORE!!! On completion of your 18 hole round, you will agree that it is combination of great . . . → Read More Here: Atlantic Beach Golf Club


Beach Volleyball

Beach Volleyball   Some info: You know what its all about, get a lightweight volleyball, and bounce it from side to side over a . . . → Read More Here: Beach Volleyball


Beach touch rugby

Beach touch rugby   Some info: Get a ball (a few cold ones) and a few buds, hit the beach and slap on the . . . → Read More Here: Beach touch rugby


Koeberg Private Nature Reserve

Koeberg Private Nature Reserve   Some info: Discover the exciting world of nuclear energy Address: Off the R27 Koeberg Where it is: Drive along . . . → Read More Here: Koeberg Private Nature Reserve


Cape Quad Trails

Cape Quad Trails Some info: Hit the dirt, easy to learn, fun for all. Get a rush riding Quad bikes at the Melkbos 4×4 . . . → Read More Here: Cape Quad Trails


Aquila Microlighting

Aquila Microlighting Some info: Take a thrilling 30 minute microlight flight along the West Coast with ace pilot Trygve. He will share with you . . . → Read More Here: Aquila Microlighting