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Cocktail Party

Cocktail Party
Some info:
Stuff to Drink: Oh yes. With some good planning, and a fully stocked bar, it is possible to survive the average cocktail party. Most people’s imbibing needs can be met by having the following on hand: Vodka, Rum , Gin, Scotch, Bourbon
Blended Whiskey and Tequila. If you still have some cash over, include some Kahlua, Amaretto or any liquers of choice. Other party must-haves include plenty of fresh juices (see the House of Juice on our site), carbonated drinks such as coke and Red Bull, bitters, too much ice, plenty of glasses and garnishes like lemon or lime peel or wedges, cherries, olives, cocktail onions or celery stalks.
Stuff to eat Dips and spreads, finger foods, snacks, make sure you’re organised.
Decorate with: Flowers, candles,white lights, tiki torches