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Dana Labi

Dana Labi
Some info:
Dana Labi is a registered practitioner with AHPC and MTA and specialises in Deep Tissue Massage Therapy and Reiki.

Therapeutic deep tissue massage has many benefits. It plays an important role in one’s health maintenance and wellness plan. Massage therapy should therefore not be thought of as a once-a-year luxury, but rather as a healing method in today’s stressful lifestyle.

Make therapeutic deep tissue massage part of your health regimen and experience the following benefits:
Stress management and relaxation
Alleviation of headaches, muscle pain and insomnia
Restores the body’s natural rhythm
Increase in energy
Improvement of circulation
Aid in elimination of bodily toxin and in the process of healing.
If you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone special, give them a gift voucher for a healing and relaxing experience.
Address: 32 Chamberlain Street
Where it is: Follow M3 (De Waal Drive) from CBD. Turn left into Roodebloem Road and right into Chamberlain


Flexible hours. From 9am to 9pm.


Contact Dana. Price depends on whether travelling is involved (Location where therapy takes place)

Payment Options:

Cash and cheques accepted


021 447 8513 or 083 688 8009



Age Group:

All ages welcome


Comfortable, warm atmosphere
Travel on request
Dress Code: Anything
Music Type: n/a