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Daniel Powter

Daniel Powter
Some info:
With a good voice and high-quality piano based songs Daniel Powter has created an album that, after many record company setbacks, is both enjoyable and mood-enhancing. Having had a keen interest in music from an early age Powter manages bring across a certain passion and unique style into his songs and songwriting capabilities. With lyrics that make sense and strong piano riffs to back them up this new talent from British Columbia is certainly a must for those looking for something different.

Album highlights include one of Powter’s first singles ‘Bad Day’ as well as ‘Jimmy Gets High’ that sets itself apart from the album in that its upbeat melodies yet emotive lyrics create an interesting audio experience. This album is perfect for Sundays, i.e. any time one just wants to sit back and listen to some laidback beats and let the mind wander…

Music Type: Soul