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EA Sports, Cricket 2005

Medal of Honor: European Assault

Medal of Honor: European Assault

Some info:
First thoughts: The latest in the ‘Medal of Honor’ series, gives you the chance to get back at the Nazi’s in WW2. You get to travel across Europe on many campaigns, stopping the evil-doers in their tracks. There is also a team who missions around with you to help kill all the bad guys.

Once you stuck in: Get your aim right and you’ll cruise through the stages. The scenes are based on happenings from WW2 so there are lots to see and lots going on throughout Europe, North Africa and Russia. This will defiantly keep you entertained for hours, as you lead soldiers through important assignments.
A nice feature is when you run into a warehouse and 5/6 guys run in on your left and right shooting to help out. It leaves you with that warm, fuzzy feeling in your stomach.
It time for you to turn the tide of the war, be on the winning side!

Best bit: Using the sniper rifle to shoot the enemy sniper from miles away.

Worst bit: Running out of ammo with a clear shot. Then getting shot to pieces.

Summary: It’s a fun all round game. Also got to learn a little bit more about the World War that I missed.

Out of 10: 8

Reviewer: Ric

Music Type: Don’t worry, the game supplies plenty music especially when the bad guys are near
EA Sports, Cricket 2005

EA Sports, Cricket 2005

Some info:
First thoughts: The game might seem a bit annoying in the beginning as when you start batting you will go out easily or when you are bowling you will get smacked around a lot. But stick out this frustrating time, spend a half and hour or so in the nets training and you will be on your way.

Once you stuck in: Once you have ironed out some of the tough edges in your game through a bit of training, the cricket lover will be hooked. As you get the feel for the timing of your shots when batting you will find that the game play is excellent and very accurate to life. It is a bit too easy to hit sixes but be warned if your timing is off you will be out. Bowling is really for the cricket lover, if you don’t like to bowl there is a autoplay feature which allows the computer to bowl an entire game for you in a matter of seconds.

I personally like bowling, it is a tactical aspect of the game which appeals to me. Trying to work a batsmen out is a half the fun. You can custom set your field allowing you to bowl to a certain strategy hopefully resulting in many wickets for a minimum of runs.

Best bit: Finally getting your timing right with the big shots. Its fun!! Smack a few gorgeous shots through the covers, any cricket enthusiast will be delighted.

Worst bit: Learning to bat and bowl. It is frustrating!!

Summary: It the best cricket game out there. It is the most true to life. The closest you get to playing a real game of cricket in front of a screen.

Out of 10: 7