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Eric Clapton: Back home

Eric Clapton: Back home
Some info:
Eric Clapton veers back into pop territory for Back Home. It’s slicker and better produced than his last blues album. Clapton sounds positively smooth on most of the songs in this collection. The singing is effortless, and he makes great guitar riffs sound easy, when they aren’t. There’s still a hint of the blues, mostly in the guitar solos, but most of this record is positively reggae. The only downside to the album is that the songs aren’t all that well written and this result in Clapton trying to cover them up with guitar solos BUT the guitar playing is awesome which somehow turns this into a positive. If you’re a baby boomer and like adult pop radio, you’re going to dig this – not really for the MTV crowd, but if you’re a Clapton fan – this is a must-buy.
Music Type: Laid back