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K’s Choice: 10 Ten years of

K’s Choice: 10 Ten years of
Some info:
This Belgian based rock outfit has had quite a career over the past ten years and, appropriately, have released a ‘best of’ album that is sure to be a hit amongst their fan base, both at home and abroad. The songs on the album are taken from a number of different albums that have been put together over the last decade and include the popular alternative track ‘Not an Addict’ taken from the album Paradise in Me, ‘Believe’ and the poignant ‘Everything for free’ taken from Cocoon Crash that are unmistakably distinct in sound and have earned this band much popularity.

K’s Choice has been around for quite some time now, and by the looks of things they plan to stay for much longer. ‘10 Ten Years of’ will certainly enhance the cd collection of any mainstream/alternative rock lover.

Music Type: Rock