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Kogel bay Beach

Kogel bay Beach
Some info:
One of the most beautiful and secluded little beaches around Cape Town, vary small, but private. Comes standard with an awesome waterfall included.
Prepare for a bit of a walk to get there and don’t forget the sunscreen.
The sea here is particularly unpredictable so keep a good watch out on the little ones.
Address: Its a beach, it has no address
Where it is: Drive +- 5 Km’s past Gordon’s Bay past some holiday houses. On your right there will be a caravan park and picknick camp, park the car on the side of the Road, walk down to the beach on the path and then go to your right, walk all the way over some rocks +- 500m and vuala – your there.


Free, and there is nothing to buy either.

Payment Options:


Age Group:

All Ages


None, not even a loo, take all your own stuff
Dress Code: Slack Wear
Music Type: NA