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Melanie C: Beautiful Intentions

Melanie C: Beautiful Intentions
Some info:
Beautiful Intentions is Melanie Chisholm’s latest milestone that, with nine months of production one could easily refer to it as her baby – and not a bad sounding baby at that. Probably a little less known to South African audiences, Melanie has made quite a name for herself back in blighty with record sales of her previous singles reaching the millions as well as co-writing 11 of the ones that happened to appear on the U.K. chart at number 1. All of this sounds very impressive – and indeed it is – as she dwarfs her female contemporaries with a style of rock that is both moving and melodious.

Album highlights include ‘Better Alone’, a smooth, angelic sounding song that fits snugly into an album that would otherwise comprise of mostly the usual pop/rock that one hears on the radio. Speaking of radio, ‘Next Best Superstar’ is sure to be played on most frequencies, along with a number of others from the album, so be sure to keep an ear open for the latest melodies from our favorite former spice girl.

Music Type: Pop/Rock