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Some info:

What makes a good restaurant these days? In the Cape the restaurants are known for their excellent wines, not to mention good food. In Johannesburg restaurants build a reputation on service, good food and certain dishes they specialise in.
Rhapsody’s was born and bred in Johannesburg and caters to clientele who know what they want out of life, the people who make the city what it is. These are people with vibrant personalities, personalities that people are drawn to, the type who are the life and soul of the party.

Rhapsody’s is an experience rather than just a restaurant. It is what happens when beautiful d├ęcor, excellent food and wonderful wines are fired by passion and imagination.
When you combine all of these elements, you have a dining experience that sets Rhapsody’s apart from all other restaurants.

Telephone: 021 914 6881
Website: www.rhapsodys.co.za
E-Mail: simao@rhapsodys.co.za
Address: Shop 3 Niagra Way
Facilities: Smoking Section
Please Select parking available