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Rob Thomas: …Something to be

Rob Thomas: …Something to be
Some info:
Rob Thomas, former front man and song writer of Matchbox 20, has finally released his debut solo album, …Something to be. I must admit that I was very skeptical when first listening to the album as I thought that most of the songs would be the usual generic stuff that one hears all the time – I’m sorry to say I was right. But its not as tragic as it sounds due to one or two interesting pieces such as ‘all that I am’ as well as ‘street corner symphony’ that carry some interesting sounds, making a pleasant reprieve from the otherwise repetitive love songs that infest this album.

Whilst it may have been Rob’s intention to “do something different”, the monotony of his songs and the unoriginality of the genre becomes a little tedious after a while. On the other hand, I hear that he’s really good live!

Music Type: Pop