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RPM Dance: Clubworx

Brandy:The Best of Brandy
Some info:
The Best of Brandy is definitely a great hit! When she first burst onto the music scene with her innocent infestation, I knew she was bound for stardom.
Her songs almost always hit the no. 1 spot on the global charts and this CD is a compilation of them all.

Tracks include that from her latest album,
”Afrodisiac”. It also includes songs from when she first hit the music scene like “The Boy is Mine” in which she teams up with Monica. Her ballads are ever present with “Have You Ever”, “Almost Doesn’t Count” and “Brokenhearted”. Her urban sound surfaces with the highlight being the remix of “I wanna be Down” with Queen
Latifah. Tracks that are not so hot are “Best Friends” and “Rock With You”.

This is an album for any R&B lover and it’s definitely worth listening to!

Music Type: R&B
DJ Sammy: The Rise
Some info:
Welcome to the sounds of DJ Sammy. An album that has the ability to blend into the background of many a social event and enhance the mood of those that listen to its rhythmic sounds. The tracks on the album flow from one to the other with many of the songs containing an array of voices that serve to add a personal aspect to an otherwise totally electric, but uplifting, sound.

All tracks on the album were produced by DJ Sammy himself, allowing him to place his unique signature on this album that has marked him as a top international DJ. The Rise is one of those albums that projects its listeners into the unreal, allowing them to escape their thoughts for a while as the album glides along its track list.

Music Type: Trance/House
RPM Dance: Clubworx
Some info:
Everything else apart, the cover, whilst to many it may seem a tad gratuitous, is enough to make anyone want to start hitting the club scene a lot more often. Clubworx, the latest creation of RPM Dance have just produced a double disk album with all the classics that have been playing in South African clubs nationwide – as well as a few that haven’t but should’ve been.

Starting off with a remix of the classic ‘Do you really want hurt me’, Clubworx makes its way through some jamming tunes that include a couple of Spanish beats that are enough to get even the most reluctant tango dancers to strut their stuff. Whilst the album may not be everyone’s cup tea, it most definitely has one or to little numbers that everyone can enjoy and, overall, comes packaged with some party spirit that can be unleashed by those that just don’t want the party to die.

Music Type: Dance