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Spier’s Cheetah Outreach Programme

Spier’s Cheetah Outreach Programme
Some info:
A Boost for Conservation! The World’s fastest land animal is running its most desperate race – the race for survival! Spier has pledged its support for the fight against Cheetah extinction with this programme. Besides helping conserve a species, this Outreach Programme – with its educational aspect – also provides opportunities for people who may never be able to visit a game park or nature reserve to become aware of the need to support conservation. Guests are welcome the visit the Cheetahs at the Spier Cheetah Park (behind the Spier Farm Stall)
Address: R310 outside Stellenbosch
Where it is: Take the N2 & R310 towards Stellenbosch


021 809-1188

Age Group:

All Ages
Dress Code: Any