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The Ghosts of Ibeka

The Ghosts of Ibeka
Some info:
This house was built in 1816 and is haunted by several ghosts. A lady in grey, said to be a nurse who hanged herself from the attic landing or a nurse who was murdered in the garage. The residency, built in 1772, has been occupied by governors and magistrates and contains punishment stocks and slave quarters which became a jail in 1814. Eleanor, the fourteen year old daughter of the Governor of the Cape, fell in love with a fisherman. This was frowned upon so she used to sneak out at night to meet him on the beach. She caught pneumonia and died in the arms of her fisherman. She is thought to be the same girl in the mural on the wall which cannot be photographed – all pictures come out blank. The Grey Lady or Lavender Lady is seen wearing a Quaker dress and has often been mistaken for a living person as she appeared in broad daylight.
Address: Cornwall Street, Simon’s Town
Where it is: Take the M4 (St George’s street) into Simon’s Town, turn into Arsenal, then Cornwall


021 786-3046

Age Group:

All Ages
Dress Code: Any