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Fifa Street 2

Fifa Street 2

Fifa Street 2

Some info:
First thoughts: The tricks look impossible to master but are well thought out. There’s really a lot to choose from… After developing the player who will represent you with facial features and clothing, you start playing to build up your points and skills in the street.

Once you stuck in:The game play offers you a variety of choices with your tricks. Each angle directed and button clicked gives another trick. Once you start to memorize your favourites, the game speeds along while still getting tougher. It feels good when you go up against famous players teams and totally whip their asses. Once you have reached a certain level you unlock more variety to the game with creating/ managing your own team, also getting to play more international tournaments and underground games. New players get bought and you have to juggle between them, keeping everyone happy.

The game is very ‘in your face and quick’. It’s not built for the Fifa fans that are looking for a game of football. Its all centred around the tricks and building up your gamebreaker points.

Best bit: Trick combos

Worst bit: Once again the characters are repeated to often. When you are playing new teams, there are characters who look exactly the same as some of the teams you have played before.

Summary: Great for the football fan or trick enthusiast.

Out of 10: 8

Reviewer: Ric