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Fight Night, Round 3

Fight Night, Round 3

Fight Night, Round 3

Some info:
First thoughts: The advertising for this game really lead me to believe that it was going to ‘out weigh’ Round 2. But when I started playing I wasn’t that impressed with it.

Once you stuck in: There are some good new options like having more blood on your victims and more strategic choices (cutting off the ring, bullying, hitting and running, using the jab to control the fight). But the general game play hasn’t improved much. The punches don’t look like they connect, the knockdowns don’t look realistic (they kind float for a couple seconds then drop), the crowd get monotonous, boring and keep shouting the same stuff over & over. There are other cons but each to their own. In this game the cons defiantly shadow the pros but that doesn’t stop it from being an enjoyable game to play.

Best bit: The higher difficulty in landing ‘haymakers’ (this game feels a lot more strategic as a result and more exciting – especially when you almost get knocked out and then reverse the fight with a haymaker of your own)

Worst bit: Your entrance music stays the same throughout and all the boxers do the same intro…

Summary: If you loved FNR1 and FNR2 and are expecting this new version to blow your mitts off, it won’t.

Out of 10: 5 (still fun beating the hell out of your mates)

Reviewer: Ric