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The Subways: Young for Eternity

The Subways: Young for Eternity

The Subways: Young for Eternity

Some info:
These young ones burst onto the UK music scene after winning a Glastonbury talent contest barely a year ago. All still teenagers – Billy Lunn, 19 (guitar), Josh Lunn, 17 (drums) and Charlotte Cooper, 18 (bass). You’ll either relate to this or hate your teenage years all over again. Their brand of organised chaos is a pleasure at a time when so many bands of the art rock movement have shied away from old fashioned rock ‘n’ roll.

Charlotte has been billed as the new Kim Deal (The Pixies) by some, and certainly doesn’t hold back on stage. The album also contains quieter tracks like “Lines Of Light” and “No Goodbyes”. However, on some tracks, such as “Somewhere”, the lyrics become frustratingly indecipherable.

The unforgiving ferocity of this band will draw people in and have them screaming along. Heartfelt tracks clearly written by Billy about Charlotte – most notably second single “Rock’n’Roll Queen” – will have girls wanting to be her and boys wanting to have her: it’s an all round winner. The underlying message of this album is to Rock! With its short, punchy, electric shock-type tracks, the album totals 37 minutes and 40 seconds. That said, you’ll only just have enough adrenaline to last the distance and you’ll definitely be left wanting more.


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